If you followed my advice last year then you've already reserved your spot on what has turned into the hottest app of the year so far on iOS, Mailbox. The mail client app officially launched today to much fanfare. But not so fast. The developers, Orchestra is slowly rolling out the invites to start using the app. If you didn't reserve your spot in advance from their website than you'll probably be looking at around 300,000 in front of you at the time this was posted. 

If you aren't familiar with the app it's an iOS only app (for now, Android in the works) that works only with Gmail. If you've made it past those two hurdles then you'll get to check out the clever way the app seamlessly combines email and to-do list. Using a series of gestures (swiping left/right) to delete, archive, mark for later or label the app aims to help you organize your mail quickly while being easy on the eyes. 

I'm still waiting in line so I don't have any real world use with the software but from early previews it looks promising. Now if only Apple would let us replace their stock Mail app with a 3rd party client. Sigh.

Below is a hands on video of Mailbox's features from The Verge