"Despite my initial fears, I actually really enjoy using iOS 7 on a daily basis. I still have some complaints about several visual design choices but you have to remember, Apple has only been working on this for a matter of months. That’s pretty insane. I mean, it takes us at least a year to put out a single app, let alone an entire operating system!" 

Responding to iOS 7 Jeremy Olson of Tapity

I'm curious to see what developers come up with in iOS 7. These mock ups are nice but I hope everyone doesn't try to mimic Apple's stock apps.


Here's a link to more iOS 7 App mock-ups. They are all using the iOS 7 default UIKit, which is kind of expected as it'll take some time to get familiar with the new APIs. hopefully we get a little more creativity from some developers but at least we know just using the default UI we can get some really attractive apps. I'm curious to see how devs/designers use parallax and transparency in their apps.