Mary Meeker's Year-End Internet Trends report has come out. I compiled a list of some of the more interesting facts and figures from the report.

-2.3B Internet users in 2011 - 8% growth YoY

-U.S. 245M internet users - 79% population penetration

-1.1 Billion Global mobile 3G subscribers, 37% growth, Q4 Penetration = 18%

-U.S. 64% mobile penetration, China 6%, India 4%

 (Lots of room for growth in the mobile market, particularly in countries with emerging economies with large populations like China and India)

-There are 953M smartphones,  but 6.1B mobile phones (non-smartphones) 

smartphone growth potential.jpg

(Again, showing huge potential for growth for smartphones)

-"iPods changed the media industry...iPhones ramped even faster....iPad growth (3X iPhone), leaves "siblings" in dust

(iPad growth is phenomenal, over 100M sold in 3 years, sales outpacing Apple's other 2 huge successes.)

iPad growth.jpg

-Android mobile phone adoption rate 4X iPhone worldwide, but iOS dominates mobile web share 67% to 33% (A lot of the usage is attributed to Apple's dominate position in tablet market)

Android adoption.jpg

-Mobile traffic growing rapidly, at 10% of internet traffic in 2012

-An Impressive 29% of US adults own tablet/ereader, up from 2% 3 years ago

(This stat reflects the rapid adaptation of tablet computers. It's projected tablets will outsell desktop computers by mid 2013)

-iTunes (Apps/music) driving 46M downloads per day

Other news of note:

iTunes Music Store launches in 56 new countries, including Russia, Turkey, and lot of countries in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. This almost doubles the amount of countries iTunes was previously available. 

The chart below shows time spent versus the amount of advertising dollars spent in relation to the medium. Notice newspaper and radio time spend and ad dollars are falling while mobile is growing. If you're in these industries the writing has been on the wall for years.

ads versus time.jpg

Some of Mary Meeker's Re-imagine Everything slides I thought were telling