Jeff Huber at Google announced this morning on Google+ that Google Maps on iOS has been downloaded over 10 Million times in it's first 48 hrs of being released. That's a huge number, possibly the fastest downloaded app ever on the App store. However, it's still a fraction of the 250 Million iOS users that Google had just 5 months ago. I'm curious to see what those numbers will look like in a few weeks or months once word of how great the new Google Maps app is, spreads. 

John Gruber of Daring Fireball notes how inside Apple, they are "seething" about how this whole maps debacle played out. The big deal made about Apple Maps not having accurate data and the hoopla over Google Maps coming back to the iPhone had to light a fire in some folks at Cupertino. Lets see if they can update and improve Apple Maps before more people make the switch to Google Maps. 

Another note: Apple Maps is hooked into iOS by default, even though there is a work around using Siri. Apple has this advantage that could keep casual users from totally abandoning their maps app for good.