Many have swore by the beautiful news app, Flipboard since it was first released on iOS years ago but with the latest update I finally became a believer. As a heavy news reader I often spend my day jumping from Twitter, to Zite, to Google+, to Digg.com, and back to Twitter to get my daily fill of news, videos and memes. This constant back and forth is hardly efficient and makes sharing anything a task. Enter, Flipboard Magazine.  


The new Flipboard (2.0) introduced Magazine which allows users to create their own, personally curated magazine via articles, and media found in Flipboard that others can subscribe to. By clicking the [+] button on any article, photo, tweet etc. it is instantly sent to your magazine for your subscribers to read or there for you to check out later. That's the beauty of Magazines, they can be used however you like. Not really a big sharer, use Magazine as a book-markerr to read later. Create a photo magazine for inspiration or research, it's all up to you. On the front cover of your Magazine it shows how many readers you have, how many pages they've flipped and how many articles you've posted.

Subscribing to someones Magazine is as easy as clicking the subscribe button once inside a particular Magazine and it is added to your list of "channels" on the home page. 

In addition to the Magazine feature, Flipboard has always allowed you to import data from your other social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Flckr, Tumblr, Google Reader, and more. This instantly turns Flipboard into a social media/news hub that allows you to get your internet fix all from one place. You can view them all together in a mashed up stream called "Cover Stories", or separately in their own individual "channels". This granularity allows for great flexibility without constantly switching websites/apps or UI's.

It's too early to know how popular the individually curated Magazines will be but there are already established media personalities with tens of thousands of readers. Everyday Digitals has a magazine as well called Everyday Reader, curated by yours truly where I share the coolest or most interesting things I come across on the web in tech news and culture. If you're already a Flipboard users or like me have the app and never use I encourage you to spend a couple of days with it and let me know what you think.

Flipboard 2.0 is currently only available on iOS but and Android update is in the works. Magazines however can still be subscribed to by users on Android.