Still need to do that last minute Christmas shopping but running low on cash? Take a look at these 5 gadgets that won't hurt your wallet but will still bring a smile to that special someone's face.


Kindle - $69 - Amazon's Kindle is the perfect gift for any reader or person that's looking for an excuse to read more. At only $69.00 for the basic model it's almost a no-brainer. It's light and compact and because it uses e-ink, it doesn't hurt your eyes over long periods of use like the LCD screens on your smartphone or tablet. 


Apple TV - $99 - The Apple TV is probably one of my favorite little gadgets I own. For $99 it lets you stream Netflix, HULU, YouTube, and rent/buy movies from iTunes. There are also sports apps from the NBA, NHL, and MLB that lets you stream the games (must have a subscription to those services). But the best feature is Airplay. If you own an iPhone/iPad or Mac Computer (2011 or later) you can stream any video you're watching to your TV with the touch of a button. A lot of Apps allow you to Airplay as well. If you own a new Mac laptop or desktop with the latest version of OSX (Mountain Lion) you can mirror your entire desktop to you TV so you can watch whatever is playing on your computer to your TV with audio. If you own an idevice this is the perfect accessory, if not, then you may want to take a look at the Roku (below).


Roku 2 XD- $69 - The Roku box is the alternative media streamer to those that don't live in an Apple world. This little box is cheaper than the Apple TV and comes loaded with more apps/channels on it. It has the standard Netflix, HULU apps but also comes with HBO Go (requires subscription), Amazon Instant Video, and tons of other channels and apps. It doesn't have the "Airplay" feature that the Apple TV has but it makes up for it with loads of content available already loaded on the box. Note: The XD is wi-fi only, if you prefer to have it plugged in with an ethernet cable the XS is your choice. $89


PhoneSuite Power Core Micro- $79.95 - This little guy is perfect for those that work a lot on the road or who live in constant fear of running their iPhone/iPad battery down. It's a small portable charger that holds up to 2 full charges at a time. A full charge takes about 1 hour and there are 4 indicator lights that let you know how much juice is left on it. A life savior for road warriors.


Logitech Ultra-thin iPad Keyboard Cover- $99 - This bluetooth keyboard/case is pretty much the standard for people that use their iPads to knock out some real work. It's very slim and converts your iPad into the size and form factor of a Macbook Air. If you know someone that uses their iPad for school or work, this is the perfect accessory.