The Apple Watch: Not necessary, but still very useful

I've been fascinated by the idea of a wearable computer for years. Most followers of technology knew it was coming but we didn't know how it would arrive and what impacts it would have, at least initially. Google's Android Wear has been around for nearly a year now but  it's struggled to gain any real traction, selling fewer than a million units in that time frame. Everyone has been waiting to see what Apple was going to do in this space and if their current product hit streak would continue. So after spending a little over a week with Apple's latest product here are my initial thoughts. 

Apple, The Lifestyle Brand

In the 21st Century the future seems to always be just around the corner. Every other week there seems to be another breakthrough or discovery in science and tech that’s promises to change our lives. The break-neck pace of technology and the popularity of science-fiction makes it much easier to imagine what should be technologically possible in the near future. Advancements in wi-fi, Bluetooth, batteries, and the increase in power and reduction of price of mobile processors over the past 5–7 years are unlocking many experiences that were considered science fiction just a decade ago.